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My (current) 24 favourite fonts - part 1

A font should transport information in a beautiful way that is easy on the human eye. I have picked my (current) 24 favourite fonts out of my font "stock", which is comprised of about 1300 fonts. Today you see part one, next week you’ll see part two. I have ordered the fonts alphabetically, not by my personal taste.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN (Elegant, reminds of the good old days.):

font abraham lincoln

Example: Abraham Lincoln served as a basis font for the logo of a fictive luxury food brand named Little Luxury. (Distinctive characters have been made even stronger.)

font abraham lincoln in use

AFTA SERIF (Good readability, slightly playful, the serifs are a matter of taste though. The k-minuscule is an eye-catcher, the double O-minuscule however looks a bit strange. The kerning could be better.):

afta serif font

AGRAFA (Timeless, elegant, technical, transmits precision, only suitable as a dark font on a light background.):

agrafa font

ALEGREYA AND ALEGREYA SC (Elegant, reminds of handmade things, i.e. in the food industry.):

alegreaya font
alegreya sc font

Example: I used Alegreya SC for an exclusive olive oil packaging.

alegreya font in use

ANGILLA TATTOO (Great handwriting, suits the Vintage look.):

angilla tattoo

BILLIE BOB (Hard, rough, but still offers a good readability.):

billie bob font

BODONITOWN (Fantastic readability, elegant, timeless.):

font bodonitown

BOMBARDIER (A great handwriting, good readability, strong but still good looking, great for technical purposes.):

font bombardier

Example: I used Bombardier for the headers in an infographic on commercial vehicles.

bombardier font in use infographic

BRAWLER (Good readability, but still edgy and hip.):

font brawler

CAMBO (Good readability, optimistic and happy font.):

font cambo

CHAPARREL PRO (Very good readability, transports a feeling of being grounded, offers a pleasant reading flow.):

font chaparrel pro

Example: I used Chaparrel Pro as the main font for a test editorial design.

font chaparrel pro in use

CODE LIGHT AND CODE BOLD (Looks great in combination, strong, elegant, the I-serifs are a bit too heavy maybe.):

font code bold

font code light

Example: I used Code light and Code bold for the corporate design of Randall Records.

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