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Good vs. bad e-book design

Here you see 2 e-book designs:

ebook design

Which e-book would you read (disregarding the content as such)? For sure the right one. The cute orange bird is not the reason for it, but the e-book being in line with the corporate design of HubSpot, the company behind this e-book. The smart usage of secondary style elements (i.e. the blue bars Step 1 and Step 2), a reader-friendly line spacing and a wisely chosen typography make this e-book easy and fun to read. In addition to that, the copy in the right e-book has enough space to breathe what is not the case in the left e-book. Nobody wants to read that. The left e-book has only a few pages whereas the right e-book has many pages because the design simply needs it. So don’t be afraid of offering an e-book with many pages if the design needs it!

As e-books are mostly pdf files, they are forwarded – only if they are really good of course! So a good design is crucial here. If you need help with your e-book, simply send me an email.

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