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Client magazines: 32% more client loyalty

A study conducted by the APA (Association of Publishing Agencies, London) says that client loyalty rises by 32% because of client magazines. Depending on the kind and number of (potential) customers, establishing a client magazine can be a lucrative thing.


- rise of customer loyalty - new approach towards potential customers (client magazines are often handed over to friends and family members) - creation of an additional profit through advertisements - ideal presentation of products/services in the hands of clients - longer reader engagement with products/services compared to online advertisements (confirmed by APA!) - transfer of helpful additional knowledge what makes products/services even more valuable for the reader and thus increases the inducement to buy - increase of sympathy for a business

On the other side, you have to calculate costs for desktop publishing, printing and distribution. A thorough calculation is necessary here. But a rise in customer loyalty by 32% is definitely worth a closer look!

Send an e-mail to to request for a client magazine production offer.

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