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Photo retouching in Photoshop: How to make a photo look like from a catalogue


There are many different ways of how to make a normal photo look like a high class photo from a catalogue. Here, I want to show you one of those techniques using a truck example picture:

1st step: Repairing the left headlight select and copy the right headlight paste it in a new layer and mirror it horizontally place the mirrored headlight correctly

tip 1: reduce the opacity to place it more easily

tip 2: orientate yourself towards the street level when placing it

Put a mask on the new headlight (layer) and erase unwanted marks around the headlight.

2nd step: Adding a glow effect Reduce all layers down to one layer for making your work easier. Then make the truck glow: copy and paste the layer 2 x lower layer: Gaussian blur – approx. 80-90% middle layer: select „overlay“ top layer: select „soft light“

You can reduce the opacity of the middle and top layers if wanted.

3rd step: Adding a lens flare effect To give the photo a final touch, you can add a lens flare effect where the two mountains in the background go together. insert a new layer from the menu – overlay – fill with neutral colour for mode „overlay“ then insert the lens flare effect (rendering filter – lens flare) – 105mm between 50% and 70%

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