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dentist branding corporate design

The dental surgery Zahnarztpraxis Petzak in Düsseldorf has been offering the whole spectrum of dentistry for almost 20 years, but they also focus on families and child patients. I developed a creative logo design and a brand design that shall generate positive associations and sympathy, and can be smartly combined with the slogan "we make your smile". Together with this, the broad expertise and the high quality level of the Zahnarztpraxis Petzak shall be transported. The new brand design shall appeal to a middle class audience and families in particular. The goal is to increase patient numbers.

dentist logo

There is a generic creative logo design and a logo designed specifically for the children’s area. The slogans "we make your smile" and "we make your kids smile" are supported by the smiley having the same colour and the smiley position at the top right of the lettering. Besides that, an interesting effect is created: The smiley is raised to the power of Zahnarztpraxis Petzak.

dentist corporate design colours
dentist corporate design colours

Dark blue and light green are the main colours of this dental surgery brand design. Dark blue transports a feel of competency, experience and trust. The colour light green calms patients down and creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to feel good in. (In medicine, a subtle green has a healing effect. Researchers found out that light green ceilings in hospitals speed up the healing process of patients.)

Light blue and white are supporting colours in this dental surgery brand design. Light blue is used for the child theme. White plays an important role when designing online and print products (i.e. a brochure): A generous white space lets copy breathe and creates a feeling of lightness.

(Dark blue, light green and light blue are printed with Pantone colours.)

zahnarztpraxis petzak branding
zahnarztpraxis petzak branding

The logo’s smiley is used as secondary style element and transports a continuous positive message throughout the whole corporate design. The smiley shall primarily be combined with good picture material, but can also be used in different ways. I suggest to use a clipping mask of the photo and smiley on large print products (i.e. a billboard poster).

dentist surgery corporate design carpet
zahnarztpraxis petzak branding museo slab
zahnarztpraxis petzak corporate design myra 4f caps light

Also, the interior design of the dental surgery Petzak shall reflect the secondary style element of the brand design. (Light green carpet pattern for the general area, light blue carpet pattern for the children's area.)

zahnarztpraxis petzak branding buteco
zahnarztpraxis petzak corporate design myra 4f caps
zahnarztpraxis petzak branding open sans

For the lettering Zahnarztpraxis Petzak in the dental surgery brand design, I chose the font Myra 4F Caps Bold by 4th february as it demonstrates straightforwardness, competency and objectivity. I manually improved the kerning as well as the A and M majuscules.  

The light green slogan "we make your smile" is displayed in the font Myra 4F Caps Light. Also here, I optimized the kerning and the W majuscule in order to fit in nicely with the dental surgery brand design.

The font BUTECO by Bill Argel in the light blue slogan "we make your kids smile" transports a playful feel that matches the child theme. Despite that, the slogan does not lose importance compared to the lettering Zahnarztpraxis Petzak, because BUTECO comes with quite wide characters. In order to make the font look more authentic, I manually adjusted some letters.

The typography scheme for print purposes is realised with the font Museo Slab by Exljbris. It combines a pleasant reading flow on paper with a light grey level that supports the generous usage of white space. The wide counters (non-printable area within a letter) make this possible. Additionally, straight serifs care for clear lines in the brand design.

For digital usage, I chose the font OpenSans by Ascender Fonts. It combines very good screen readability with an easy recognition by search engines in the HTML5 website system. This can have a positive affect on the Google ranking.

You can take a look at the brand design manual for this client project here.

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