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VinAvventura (Egg, Switzerland) sells exclusive wines from small and hand-picked wine-growers located in the Italian region of Piedmont to wine connoisseurs living in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Spring 2020; the wine cellars were filled up – then came Corona. VinAvventura as well as all other (physical) stores had to close their doors for an unforeseeable amount of time. With VinAvventura, the small Italian wine-growers from Piedmont of course lost an important sales channel.

The problem: There was no online shop. People could buy and pick up those exquisite wines only in person at the wine cellar. The Corona crisis forced VinAvventura to re-think their wine shop concept.

So I was hired to design a new website including online shop – based on the existing corporate design. The new online shop makes VinAvventura independent from the Corona lockdown, opens up new perspectives and gives a much wider audience access to their exclusive wines.

The button design features a special hover animation and subtly reminds of the logo symbol.

wine website design online shop

Clearly positioned call to action buttons subtly steer the reading flow and invite the website visitor to discover more. An emotional picture language supports VinAvventura’s motto "discover and experience wines".

website footer design

In order to boost lead generation, a newsletter system with voucher email automation was implemented.

"The collaboration with HCG corporate designs, Ms. Gamper, was fruitful and very professional. In a short time we produced a homepage with an online shop that is anything but ordinary. Ms. Gamper's extensive experience was really beneficial for us. The result is excellent and the feedback from our customers is great. Thank you very much."

Marina Maurer-Marasilio and Maya Marsilio, VinAvventura

Egg, Switzerland

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