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Tirol Box is a completely new and innovative monthly subscription box bringing high-quality and handmade products from the Tyrolean mountains and valleys to Tirol lovers in many European countries. Each box contains 5 to 12 products, ranging from lifestyle, home decor, beauty/wellbeing to food and drink items. Subscribers travel through exciting monthly themes, the amount of boxes is limited. Tirol Box basic, on the other hand, is a smaller subscription box offering a little taste of what Tirol has to offer, including 7 to 8 daily essentials from Tirol.

I came up with the idea for the Tirol Box at the start of 2016. Together with my partner Ashley Wiggins, we developed the corporate identity as it can be seen now in live mode. We co-operate with 25 fantastic companies from Tirol, from small like Floberry or Alpenschick to big like Riedel or Swarovski, to create wonderful boxes each month. Offering high-quality, amazing products – many of them unknown in many delivery countries – and a unique customer experience from the order process to the unpacking of the box are very important to us.

I was responsible for the brand design incl. creative logo design, all legal aspects, negotiations, finances, photography and the look & feel of the entire appearance – online and offline. Ashley Wiggins was responsible for video production, IT and billing systems.

Update 23 February 2017: After an intense development, start-up and launch phase, I pull out of the operational business and the management of Tirol Box per 1 March 2017. I fully focus on my core business HCG corporate designs again, however will still be available for Tirol Box in terms of design and consulting support.

tirol box logo
tirol box basic logo

The creative logo design shows the Serles mountain chain and "Tirol Box" in a handmade, natural font (Trattatello) - it looks classic, elegant and timeless and has a lot of space to breathe ("feeling free"). At the same time, it shows roughness, authenticity and relates to handmade products. I slightly amended the Trattatello font to make it look more suitable for the branding: letters like R, X, L and O as well as the kerning were manually optimised.

Tirol Box lettering
tirol box serles logo

As regards the mountain shape, the Serles mountain was not only chosen for its location and visual greatness, but also the origin of its name. The myth goes that a brutally angry knight called Serles and his two sons were turned to stone after a farmer cursed them for their evil and barbaric tendencies. Where the knight’s castle once stood, now stands the Serles mountain with one large peak and two small peaks either side. Treating others with respect and kindness is true to our values, which is why the Serles fits perfectly to Tirol Box.

tirol box branding colours

When thinking of Tirol, natural colours like brown (earth), green (grass), yellow (flowers), grey (rocks) and blue (sky) come into place. The corporate colours of the Tirol Box brand design are reflecting all these things. At the same time, the colours shall be used in a way so they look elegant and timeless. This is why dark earth brown is used instead of black (wherever possible) and creme is used instead of white (wherever possible). Red is not used on purpose to not transport anything aggressive and unnatural. Tirol Box shall transport a feel of warmth and tranquility.

tirol box typography source serif pro
tirol box typography source sans pro
tirol box typography trattatello

The font "Trattatello" is used for the creative logo design only. For everything else, the fonts "Source Serif Pro" and "Source Sans Pro" (developed by Adobe) are used. They are very modern looking fonts combining classical elegance with perfect readability on screen as well as paper. Another plus point is the very good visibility of serifs at a small font size; this comes in handy when placing text into social media posts for example.

tirol box branding typography flower elements

In order to give the copy an even more luxurious look, I decided to place St John’s wort buds on either side of headers.

tirol box flower illustration icons

Typical plants in Tirol are vectorized and used as secondary style elements in the brand design. The thought behind it: The ingredients for the products in the Tirol Box grow out of Tirolean soil, the earth in Tirol nurtures the products. Just like it nurtures the flowers/plants shown above as symbols. The coal-feather-stroke connects with the Serles icon in the logo. It gives everything a natural, authentic look.

tirol box obernberger see wipptal
tirol box schlick 2000 stubai valley
tirol box packaging design

The packaging design for Tirol Box shows the stunningly beautiful Obernberger See in the Wipptal valley, close to the Austrian-Italian border. It is quite remote and an insider tip for everybody seeking tranquility and harmony in nature. Something special for enjoying beautiful moments – perfectly suited for the look & feel of the Tirol Box brand design.

The packaging design for Tirol Box basic shows Schlick 2000 in the Stubaital valley. It is easy to get access to and less "exclusive" than Obernberger See – which is why it is perfectly suited for the look of Tirol Box basic.

Both box designs have a brown inlay with symbols of plants that grow in Tirol, in common. This gives the packaging design a luxurious touch.

luxury chocolate packaging design

Our own branded chocolate is the only product that is included in every box (apart from the summer months). This makes people more connected with the brand. The packaging front is split according to the "golden ratio" 8:5 in dark earth brown and colour. The colour part represents the flavour of the chocolate with different symbols having a coal-feather-stroke, just like the Alpine plants in the inlay of the packaging or other secondary style elements on the website and other communication materials. A honey chocolate comes with bee symbols, nougat with hazelnut symbols and the blueberry chocolate design comes with, guess, blueberries. Many more flavours are in the pipeline. Yummie!

Produktfoto Brand Design Tirol Box
Produktfoto Brand Design Tirol Box
Produktfoto Brand Design Tirol Box
tirol box business card design
tirol box postcard design
tirol box website responsive web design

Postcards with beautiful Tirol pictures and the Tirol Box brand design are a good eye-catcher and a free give-away in tourist areas, local tourist shops, tourist information offices, supplier shops etc. With our carved wooden stands, they are beautifully presented, transporting a feel of nature, quality and tranquility.

The website is clean, elegant, sophisticated, intuitive, fully responsive for different mobile devices and comes with a subtle and not too pushy sales funnel. Buttons have a coal-feather-stroke for a natural look and feel. Subtle hover-over effects make the user experience even nicer and lead the visitor through the website.

You can take a look at the brand design manual for this client project here.

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