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For 125 years, the traditional brand LAUFEN (Laufen, Switzerland) has been standing for timeless elegance and high-quality ceramic products that create a luxurious bath atmosphere. The premium brand is considered one of the world's leading manufacturers in the bath and sanitary business and is part of the brand ROCA.

We created a responsive website as a long-scrolling one pager with an anchor menu for the smart WC Inspira In-Wash®, which is marketed under the brand ROCA. Being designed in alignment with the brand design of ROCA and LAUFEN, the website is elegant and clean.

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The website also includes a fully responsive and intelligent product registration form. In this form, some fields are displayed or not displayed based on fields already filled out by the website visitor.

The smart WC Inspira InWash® now has a smart website that meets the high demands of the LAUFEN clientele.

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