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You save € 550.- when purchasing this 50 hour package. (50 hours x € 90.- regular hourly rate = € 4,500.-. You pay only € 3,950.-.)


If you already have a specific project in the pipeline, please let me know about it in the comments field. Please also state your desired delivery time or deadline.


All further details can be discussed via phone under +43 676 400 13 52 or skype under helene.clara.gamper. Alternatively, you can also send me an email to


At the end of the order process, an order confirmation is automatically sent to the email address you state during the order process.


There is no downpayment (unless you wish to pay 100 % upfront for bookkeeping reasons). Invoices will be issued at the end of the month after you withdraw a part or all hours you ordered. IMPORTANT: Please enter the coupon code 50-HOURS in the checkout!


This 50 hour package is valid 12 months from the order date.

  • Working hours are transparently tracked with a digital timer and recorded accordingly. You can have access to the time recording. Working hours will be billed at intervals of 15 minutes. Working hours that were not withdrawn after 12 months will be invoiced. These hours are not chargeable against other services by HCG corporate designs.
  • Please note, that orders are executed "first come first serve". In exceptional cases, this could lead to a waiting time of max. 1 - 2 months. Good time management on your side as well as good communication is important for fullfilling your desired deadline. You can state your desired deadline in the comments field and it will be considered in the best way possible.
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