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Logo design mein EBL Kurs brille.jpg

As a full-service provider for the planning, procurement of subsidies and inspection of sidings between the public railway network and manufacturing companies, ERFA Gleisanschluss GmbH (Prien am Chiemsee, Germany) has been standing for safety, seriousness and stability for many years. The new brand "mein EBL-Kurs", initiated by ERFA, offers innovative training as a railway operations manager for non-public railways with modern hybrid learning.

As print design agency, we created the logo design and the print design of the 700-page participant manual. "mein EBL-Kurs" takes on an innovator role on the market through e-learning and is perceived as a modern player in a conservative environment thanks to this new design.


logo design mein ebl kurs 1.jpg

The logo design reflects the brand’s clear, factual character and looks dynamic and modern at the same time. In addition, the logo design combines several important aspects of the brand:

1. The implied flag of Germany marks the pure focus on the German market. Future possible colour adaptations of the flag allow the brand to be shifted into other countries in the future.

2. The white space between the flag colours forms a railway siding (in the black bar) to the public railway network (white space between yellow-red and red-black). This use of white space creates an interesting visual effect.

3. "mein EBL-Kurs" offers individual preparation for exam interviews at the end of the training. This high degree of individualisation is represented by bars of different lengths in the logo design.

4. Slanted bars add even more dynamics to the logo design, supporting the innovator role in the market thanks to hybrid learning.

The logo design skillfully bridges the gap between conservative decision-makers in the industry and young course participants who desire and expect a modern training environment.


mein EBL Kurs Binder Stationery Brand design 2.jpg
mein EBL Kurs Binder Stationery Brand design.jpg

The participant manual counts just over 700 pages in seven modules and comes with a smart navigation structure and a consistent typography scheme.

Titillium, which is also used in the logo design and is available in many different styles, is a sans serif typeface with a technical appearance that is easy to read even in small sizes thanks to its high x-height.

The logo’s slanted colour bars can be found in the entire participant manual and structure it into different modules and chapters for a very user-friendly orientation.

print design mein EBL Kurs Innenteil.jpg

The logo design and print design give the somewhat outdated and conservative image of the industry a modern and refreshing touch. This ensures a positive and effective perception in the market.

logo design mein ebl kurs tv.jpg
"HCG's work is extremely structured, which is particularly helpful in the development process for designing new products; besides being very creative.”
Friedrich Gitterle
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