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martin holztrattner online marketing corporate design branding

"Martin Holztrattner - Austria‘s True Online Marketing Coach" is a young internet entrepreneur from Stans/Austria. Years of experience and valuable expertise on how to financially succeed with an online business are transported on his website, in video trainings and seminars. I developed a creative logo design as well as a holistic brand design concept, some online banners, buttons and design templates for the website and social media channels, designed flyers, business cards and handout templates. These designs shall transport a feeling of high quality, professionality, credibility/authenticity, dynamics and the image of a young, hip internet entrepreneur.

martin holztrattner logo creation illustrator
martin holztrattner button creation illustrator
martin holztrattner corporate design logo

The brand logo symbol unites three messages:

I   network lines with small joining points symbolize the internet/web

I   four mountain peaks show Martin Holztrattner’s commitment to his Austrian origin

I   the speech bubble represents the coaching character and seminars of Martin Holztrattner


The brand logo font is Rubik Black with a manually optimized kerning. The font has a strong, modern look and has enough space to breathe. The font of the claim "Austria’s True Online Marketing Coach" is Fauna One Regular. This font looks light in combination with Rubik Black and gives the logo an extra modern touch. The high x-height and spacious counters offer a very good readability on screens.

martin holztrattner corporate design colours

The brand design comes with friendly, positive, dynamic colours that nicely flow into each other. The orange-yellow gradient going from the bottom left (orange) to the top right (yellow) adds even more positive vibes as the sun rises in the east (right) what is represented in this gradient.

martin holztrattner typography fonts

Besides Rubik (logo) and Fauna One (claim), the font Merriweather is used for the main copy, in different styles. Merriweather’s high x-height provides a perfect readability on screens. Little contrast and "edgy" serif transitions give the copy an extra modern and dynamic look. Merriweather is indigenous and reminds of website fonts of renowned daily newspapers, which supports the credibility of Martin Holztrattner ("Austria’s True Online Marketing Coach").

martin holztrattner animierter online banner

(Hover over the buttons with your mouse to see the animations.)

Dynamic and animated design elements for products and videos, dynamically animated website buttons ("call to action"), advertising banners as well as colourful gradients with network-lines taken from the logo symbol, make the brand design concept run through all communication touchpoints in order to give it a holistic brand experience.

martin holztrattner social media post
martin holztrattner social media post
martin holztrattner social media post
martin holztrattner corporate design flyer

Strong imagery combined with copy (i.e. quotes) and a slight orange-yellow colour filter supports the communication on social media channels and offline (flyers).

A responsive website, optimized for mobile devices, rounds off the brand design for Martin Holztrattner - Austria’s True Online Marketing Coach.

(programmed by Martin Holztrattner)

You can take a look at the brand design manual for this client project here.

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