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June Wiggins is a sewer in England (Hemel Hempstead, near London) with many years of experience. Her services include sewing and altering all kinds of clothing, including wedding dresses and working with fabric in general (i.e. cushions, curtains etc.). The core target group are women of all ages that appreciate individually tailored products. The extended target group are their husbands, further family members and friends. Under the name "June Randall dressmaker", she wants to shift her business model up to a new, more professional level. I developed a creative logo design and a corporate identity design incl. web design that shall transport a feeling of top quality, handicraft, "the good old days", reliable service, elegance and individual products that you cannot buy off the peg. This design will contribute to making June Wiggins the number one sewer in her region.

june randall dressmaker branding logo design
june randall dressmaker claim branding
june randall dressmaker branding colours

The creative logo design shows the initials of June Randall dressmaker in a sewed circle, combined with a pin that instantly reminds people of a sewer. The pin is located slightly above the first initial, so that the pin gets seen first in the reading flow. The pin in combination with the word "dressmaker" in the logo strengthens the message. The circle reminds of a kind of quality seal.

The creative logo design's font is Lobster 1.3 with a path that is slightly moved to the inside. Also, the J and R majuscules as well as the e and r minuscules are adapted in order to improve the font for the logo.

The claim "Alterations for your perfect fit." ends with a full stop to give the claim more power and determination. The font used is Lobster 1.3, like in the logo. This creates an optical connection between the creative logo design and the claim.

june randall dressmaker branding typography

Unsaturated colours transport elegance and calmness in the course of the brand design. The colours shall not "scream", the client and the sewing service stand in the foreground. This is why an unsaturated vintage raspberry pink and an unobtrusive, greyish dark blue ("wet asphalt") are used. Vintage raspberry pink reminds of the "good old days" and primarily appeals to women, the core target group consist of women. The wet asphalt blue generates a nice contrast, opens the door to male customers and is elegant. Pure black and pure white are not used, but creme and dark anthracite for more harmony with the brand design concept.

Josefin Slab is used for the main copy. This serif font transports a feeling of elegance and romace. The Venetian e minuscule gives the font a nice vintage touch, what furthermore supports the corporate design. A speciality in the typography scheme are the French guillemets, used as quotation marks. They add an extra portion of charme to the copy. 

The business cards are printed on handmade paper to generate a feeling for handicraft. The coloured area comes with a gentle floral pattern that serves as secondary style element. It is placed according to the rules of the golden ratio.

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You can take a look at the brand design manual for this client project here.

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