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Holzbau Wegscheider Innovative Bau GmbH (Pill/Austria) build beautiful, individual houses with wood and loam. In perfect harmony with nature, these natural materials provide for a maximum of healthy living, an ideal indoor climate as well as unmatched cosiness. I designed the new 28 page brochure with a fold-out inlay and the new website, fully responsive for various desktop and mobile devices.


Besides pre-set corporate colours and the logo, there we no other design rules I had to follow. So I decided to use the logo symbol, which symbolizes the pitch of a roof, in a subtle way here and there (text boxes, website footer, picture pages in the brochure). This way, I could subtly connect the content with the logo.

wegscheider webdesign

Fira Sans

For the main copy, I picked Fira Sans, a modern, light sans-serif font that transports a feeling of friendliness. It looks great when printed, but also on digital screens.



For headers and sub-headers, I chose an amazing serif font named Vollkorn (German for whole grain), which was designed by Friedrich Althausen. It stands for consistency, tradition and grounding and thus fits perfectly to Holzbau Wegscheider.

Due to its dominance, the Vollkorn font needs a lot of space to breathe. The rest of the content in the brochure and website needed that too, as they should look less old-fashioned and stiff compared to the old website/brochure versions. All in all, the new layout should be more cheerful, friendlier and more accessible. This is why I worked with generous white space that was supported by a flexible 12 column grid.

The website features responsive photo strips that are supported by nature video snippets here and there. This creates a feeling for nature, tranquility and warmth.

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