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gr kostenmanagement branding
gr kostenmanagement logo design

G.R. Kostenmanagement GmbH (Zirl, Austria) is specialised in significantly reducing costs, owner and CEO Mag. Gottfried Reisinger has years of experience in this field of business. The clients of G.R. Kostenmanagement GmbH are mainly big production companies. Their core competences such as strategic purchasing remain untouched and cost reduction is made within material costs (packaging, freight, travelling, telecommunication etc.) only. I developed a creative logo design and a holistic brand design, created various print materials, electronic templates and infographics. This new, professional brand design shall contribute to build trust among potential key accounts and thus boost profits for G.R. Kostenmanagement GmbH.

The creative logo design goes hand in hand with the "flat design" trend. The word "Kostenmanagement" (cost management) lacks vowels on purpose in order to support the theme of (cost) reduction. According to a British study, words lacking vowels can be read without problems, unless the vowels are at the beginning or end of a word. Besides that, I conducted a field experiment which resulted in the majority of the people being able to read the word "Kostenmanagement".

gr kostenmanagement logo design
gr kostenmanagement corporate design colours

In addition to that, the letters n the creative logo design are cut out of the square to transport the thought of (cost) transparency.

Companies working in insurance, consulting or banking often use the colour blue, as blue is the colour of trust. Thinking of cost reduction, the colour red would be very suitable too. However, a blue-red-combination is too much related to sports, which is why red was not used. The main colours for this brand design are three blue tones. The side colours are white (representing transparency, closeness and being in reach), light grey (integrity) and light yellow as yellow is the colour of logic and reason, which is important in the business of cost management. I chose a pure yellow without magenta admixtion as a cheap effect had to be avoided (yellow + magenta = orange, the colour of the cheap).

gr kostenmanagement corporate design typography
gr kostenmanagement corporate design fonts


The logo font Rockwell has strong serifs and a very good minuscule width. It looks grounded, strong and has a great recognition value. For the main text, I chose the Cambria font as it looks factual, modern and classic at the same time.

gr kostenmanagement infographic

You can take a look at the brand design manual for this client project here.

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