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branding for a plumber

BAD UND HEIZUNG (bath and heating) Installations-GmbH ("BUH"), a well-established plumbing business in Innsbruck/Austria, offer professional all-in-one solutions for bathrooms and heating systems. BUH offer everything from the drain to the bath duck. In order to grow business and attract more home builders, CEO Paul Plattner and his team want to expand and visualize this expansion with a new and distinctive corporate look. I was hired to come up with a creative logo design as well as the new brand design. In the course of developing the brand design design, I created many communication materials such as letterhead, business cards, website, door signs and large car stickers.

plumber logo design

The creative logo design unites the wording "BUH Bad und Heizung" with a symbol representing a water wave and a heat wave. Both waves are not joined as bath and heating are two different topics. This allows for a separate usage of these waves in other areas.

I chose the font Aller Display for the letters "BUH" in the creative logo design and manually expanded the letters to give them more importance. "Bad und Heizung" are set in Neo Sans Pro Bold, where I manually optimized the letterspacing to improve the readability in small size.

plumber logo details
plumber logo details

The line ends of both waves were manually rounded in order to repeat the round edges of the letters "BUH" set in Aller Display. In addition to that, the font Noyh, which is used for the main copy, comes with subtle, rounded edges too.

Primary colours for this brand design are water-blue, chimney-red and Latte-Macchiato-beige. They transport a warm, cosy feeling of home, whereas water-blue and chimney-red stand for the two main topics of BUH (water and heating).

Secondary colours dark chimney-red, aubergine, moss-green, raspberry and teal-blue support the warm BUH colours and can be used in various print and digital communication materials in the future.

plumber branding typgraphy noyh font
plumber font corporate design

The font Noyh is used for the main copy. Noyh is modern and has a geometric, grid-like structure, combined with subtly rounded letter ends. This creates an interesting mix of corporate coolness and a positive, optimistic vibe. Noyh is distinctive without coming across as too pushy. This is why it fits perfectly for this client's brand design.

Legal copy i.e. T&C’s, privacy/GDPR statements or disclaimers are set in Noyh Slim, a slim/condensed style of the Noyh font family.

plumber font noto serif

I wanted to make headers look calm and still majestic. This is why I went for Noto Serif in a bold style, set in majuscules (capital letters).

Mach's glei gscheit

The claim or slogan "Mach’s glei gscheit" ("do it right from the start") comes from the old corporate design and should be transferred into the new branding due to its high recognition value. It’s set – of course in handwriting again – in Caraban Bold.

plumber web design
plumber web design
plumber paul plattner photo
BUH sSe Hitzewelle 4c RGB.png

The water and heat wave serve as visual constants throughout the entire brand design and can be used in different ways: as a stylish design element placed above certain headers, as photo pin, as pattern design with low opacity, for door signs and car stickers.

plumber team photo
BUH sSe Wasserwelle 4c RGB.png
plumber door sticker
plumber branding car sticker design

Folded business cards were designed in two variations: in water-blue and chimney-red. You can write notes on the bottom part of the business cards which comes in handy when Paul Plattner does not see his clients in person, but still wants to leave them a personal note.

plumber business cards blue
plumber business cards red

The website is fully responsive for desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones (mobile website) and transports a feeling of calm, cosiness and arriving in a beautiful home. Buttons (menu buttons, contact forms) have slightly rounded corners (2 pixels) to go hand in hand with the rounded edges in the creative logo design (font and wave ends).

plumber web design
plumber website design
plumber website design

The brand design manual (styleguide) can be downloaded here.

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