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Dr. Kerstin Gasser-Puck (Brixen im Thale, Austria) is a general practitioner with 15 years of experience and takes over the surgery of her renowned father in 2017. In addition to the usual work in her surgery, she also supports old people’s homes and does plastering, x-rays etc. in her "mini clinic" in the countryside. Besides that, she operates her own pharmacy as well. This makes Dr. Gasser-Puck guarantee primary health care in her region. The skillful combination of academic medicine and complementary medicine as well as the high-quality care for her patients are very important to the doctor. In order to inaugurate the third generation, I developed a creative logo design as well as a holistic brand design concept incl. various print materials. Mrs. Dr. Gasser-Puck wants to keep existing customers and win new, young patients. A modern, professional and friendly look shall generate a positive atmosphere in which the patients feel good.

logo surgery

The logo symbol shows a twisted "G" and "P" (the initials of Mrs. Dr. Gasser-Puck). The folded centre part as well as the colour gradients symbolise a harmonic flow from classic academic medicine to modern complementary medicine. Round, symmetric shapes and friendly, mood-lifting colours (green-yellow) contribute to the positive image.

The font for this creative logo design is Signika (bold an light) and is very distinctive, its round edges support the round shapes of the logo symbol and thus contribute to the overall positive look and feel for the entire brand design.

The spacing between SSER-PUC was manually optimised in order to improve the kerning and to make the entire creative logo design look even better.

logo creation doctor

The primary colours for this brand design (plant green, sunny yellow and ocean blue) are saturated, powerful and full of vibrance. Plant green and sunny yellow in particular remind us of nature’s positive, healing power, spread optimism, good vibes and an uplifting energy. (According to a study, patients recover faster when being in rooms with a lot of green.) Pure white and stone grey, on the other hand, add a touch of seriousness and practicality which are important attributes in medicine. Colour gradients from ocean blue over plant green to sunny yellow represent a constant change in nature and natural powers coming together. The soft gradient flows of the different colours again picks up the topic of academic medicine and complementary medicine being successfully combined.

primary colours surgery

The secondary colours for the brand design (earth brown, moss-green, raspberry pink and sky blue) are quite saturated too, a little bit more subtle though and are also derived from nature. These colours are seldom found in the visual communication. However, they allow for a more flexible yet harmonic colour handling in future.

secondary colours surgery

Signika is used for the creative logo design and headers, Aller (light) for the main copy.

signika font
aller font

A highly scaled logo symbol (8.3 times bigger) serves as the secondary style element, whereas at least two sides of the designed surface have to bleed-off and the dark green logo symbol centre has to be visible. The round shapes and yellow-green colour gradients of these design elements transport a positive mood and optimism and, again, stand for the combination of academic and complementary medicine.

Different placings of the secondary style element contribute to a flexible brand design. There are different business card versions and three versions of the back page of the letterhead. This flexibility adds liveliness and excitement to the visual communication, so it never looks boring.

back of letterhead 1
back of letterhead 2
back of letterhead 3
business cards surgery
business cards clinic

In order to place quite a lot of information (address, opening times etc.) on the business cards and still make them look professional and neat, I decided to go for folded business cards. However, they are not folded in the centre, like ordinary folded business cards, but come with an asymmetric fold, which creates a very special effect.

I created various suggestions for the interior design of the surgery: door signs, wallpapers and cushions.

door signs clinic
wallpaper design hopital
wallpaper design hopital
wallpaper design hopital
cushions clinic corporate design
cushions clinic corporate design

You can take a look at the brand design manual for this client project here.

"What shall I say, everything was perfect. Very good consultation, a great logo and I didn't have to worry about anything. An all-round carefree package that I can really recommend. Many, many thanks for that!!"

Dr. Kerstin Gasser-Puck

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