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achitecture magazine layout design

This architecture magazine layout design is a template for a monthly print and iPad magazine in the German speaking area. The target group is comprised of architects, engineers, construction companies, architecture photographers and people interested in this field. The focus lies on the objectivity of industrial design and information brokerage combined with elegance and plenty of white room, to let the content breathe. Architects often work in lofts and have a lot of glass and light around them. The magazine layout design shall emit that lightness, but still look strong and determined. (The print magazine shall be printed on matt paper.)

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achitecture magazine layout design
achitecture magazine layout design
achitecture magazine layout design
architecture magazine design
achitecture magazine layout design

I put a white frame into each picture to get an interesting and eyecatching effect. The result; the pictures frame themselves. There are no pictures that bleed off the page in the entire magazine. This is to keep the white frame inside the pictures, as well as the white frame around the type area.

The grid for the print magazine layout design consists of twelve columns per page. The main copy is placed into two columns (2x5), the outer two columns are not used for the main copy. They are there for the page numbers, issue number, captions and parts of info boxes in the main copy. There are four horizontal grid lines that divide the A4 format of the magazine layout design into five rows. The main copy is aligned towards the top horizontal grid line.

architecture magazine colours
architecture magazine typography

Dull colours were used to underline the industrial character of this magazine layout design.

The font used for the main copy in this magazine is Fjord. It combines a feeling of objectivity and straightforwardness with perfect readability. The following characteristics speak for Fjord:


I   Straight serifs

I   The medieval numerals have only short ascenders and descenders, that make the digits still look like digits,

    but integrate them into the main copy perfectly.

I   The width of the minuscules has a positive effect on creating a pleasant reading flow and enables fast reading

    without tiring the reader’s eyes.


Fjord offers only one regular style. All desired special characters (ß, € etc.) are included in Fjord. Fonts used for headers are: Agrafa Hairline (with 0.25 pt outline) Metropolis 1920 for the special topic Business Architecture Mosaic Leaf (-50% letter spacing between words) for the special topic Wood. The font Znikomit (with 0.25 pt outline) is used for infoboxes.



"Looks very appealing, compliment!"


Nikos Späth, HANSA International Maritime Journal



"The magazine really looks very beautiful."


Michael Pertl, Szene Kultur Verlag



"We liked the drafts."


Dr. Michael Werner, Vereinigte Fachverlage GmbH



"The magazine and your work is liked!"


Michael Lohrmann, Visions Verlag GmbH



"Really a remarkable architecture magazine."


Jutta Hettenbach, Hettenbach GmbH & Co KG



"I really like it very much."


Marianne Steinbeck, pipVerlag

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