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web design mallorca business university

Mallorca Business University (Palma de Mallorca, Spain) is a start-up in the education sector and offers exclusive Masterclasses    combined with Balearic flair in Mallorca. The seminar and workshop program is aimed at entrepreneurs and business founders as well as private individuals from German-speaking countries.

I was hired to redesign the website for an inviting and friendly look and feel. It was important to transport feelings of open-mindedness, inspiration and the courage to rethink things.


In addition to the main website, a new landing page design was developed:

This new web design serves as a template for more Masterclass   events will be based in the future. The managing directors of Mallorca Business University can fill the website with content themselves and manage it on their side.

The Mallorca Business University is now well prepared for further expansion of their education program.


web design masterclass mallorca business university
web design masterclass mallorca business university
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