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EU citizens from Poland, Romania and Bulgaria represent the major immigration group from other EU member states into Germany, based on the principle of freedom of movement. Their main motivation is to find good work in Germany.


Analyses have shown that new immigrants predominantly use the internet for first information and communication. In order to inform them more effectively and to provide them with an easier way to understand complex labour law-related topics, Minor hired me to design six infographics in four languages each (German, Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian). The legal text translations were provided by the client Minor - Projektkontor für Bildung und Forschung gemeinnützige GmbH (Berlin, Germany). This data visualization project was funded by the Office for the equal treatment of EU Workers and the German Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration.

Click on the infographics to enlarge them. Click on the links underneath the images to download the infographics in Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian language (PDF files).

infographic work contract limitations Germany
infographic social benefits for parents
infographic part time full time mini job
infographic unemployment
infographic paid sick leave
infographic labour law

The, for me, non-familiar letter types in the different languages were a micro-typographic challenge. This is why I chose to use the font "Lato" for the main copy for this data visualization project. "Lato" supports all required languages, is Polish and means "summer". This font was developed by the Polish font designer Łukasz Dziedzic, based in Warsaw.


The outcome is a great infographic series, comprised of 24 infographics (6 graphics x 4 languages). They are eye-catching, allow for fast orientation, come in a Facebook-friendly dimension and are perfectly suited for a successful social media campaign.

Minor 2019


The online marketing campaign was very successful. The feedback about the data visualization project was tremendous, so in 2019, I was hired again to design 24 new infographics about similar topics:


"Competent, friendly, reliable - simply great! It was a very pleasant and professional collaboration. We hired different companies in the course of our project, and HCG corporate designs was far and away the very best! We can fully recommend HCG corporate designs and Ms. Gamper at any time."

Agnieszka Skwarek, Minor – Projektkontor für Bildung und Forschung gemeinnützige GmbH

Berlin, Germany

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