I created a brand design and various packaging designs for Little Luxury, which is a fictional supermarket home brand. The range offers selected olive oils, mustard specialities and exclusive BBQ sauces. Little Luxury targets women and men with a middle and high income, who appreciate exclusive products and are willing to pay 20 to 50% more for high-quality, healthier food. However, the products must not look too expensive as the name "Little Luxury" stands for the small daily luxury that is affordable, and that people indulge themselves in occasionally. Besides that, a feeling of authenticity and genuine ingredients shall be transported in order to support the product's quality image furthermore.

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The creative logo design of Little Luxury is a pure typologo based on the font Abraham Lincoln. Many details were worked on in order to create an elegant, exclusive look for the company logo design. The serifs as well as the underline make this typologo look grounded, which reflects the authentic image of the products. The black tone I used for all products of Little Luxury is 100% black, mixed with 50% cyan in order to make the black look deeper and more dramatic.

The secondary style element of all Little Luxury products is the tittle of the word "Little". It looks like a drop, which reminds of a drop of olive oil, mustard or BBQ sauce. In addition, there is another brand design pattern that all Little Luxury products have in common; Some ingredients are shown on the packaging as vector graphics (i.e. an olive tree branch for olive oil or specific ingredients of the mustard and BBQ sauces). This brand pattern can be found on all Little Luxury packaging designs.



There are three Little Luxury olive oils: garlic/rosemary, basil/thyme, lemon/honey.

In order to keep the olive oil’s quality, it has to be stored in a way that it is protected from sunlight. So, the bottle either has to be dark or packed into a cardboard box (if the bottle is light). Olive oil is consumed slowly, the bottle is in the consumer’s home for quite some time. The manufacturer has no influence on the consumer putting the bottle back into the cardboard box after use or not. This is why there is a risk of quality loss when choosing a light bottle with a cardboard box as a packaging method. This is why I decided not to design a light bottle with a cardboard box. As many olive oils come in dark green glass bottles, using the same packaging solution would not draw the customer’s attention on a supermarket shelf. So I decided to go for a black bottle. The glass is matt as a glossy black bottle resembles a wine bottle. To make things more practical, there shall be a thin transparent strip on the side of the bottle to give an indication of the contents level.

The font Pupcat Regular (see front of the bottle) is a bit playful, still elegant though and high and narrow like the bottle itself. The font looks as if it has been written by hand, there are no 100% straight lines. The olive tree branch is not 100% straight and perfect neither, but relates to rough, genuine nature in combination with the font Pupcat Regular. For the main copy (see back of bottle), I chose to work with the font Alegreya SC (see picture left). It combines elegance and easy readability, with authenticity of nature because here, the letters are also not 100% straight. Moreover, Alegreya supports many special characters like German mutations, Euro signs, Pound signs etc. Plus, the font has a slightly calligraphic character that has a positive effect on the image of this olive oil brand. (Alegreya was developed by Juan Pablo del Peral and has been rewarded as one of the most significant and well designed fonts ever.)

The secondary style element of the Little Luxury brand design (the tittle/drop) is placed on the little cloth flag wrapped around the bottleneck.



There are three Little Luxury mustards: hot with Thai chillies, mild with lime and sweet with fig seeds.

As mustard is one of the oldest spices in history (3000 BC, origin: China, first used spice in Europe), the typography gives the impression of history, age and heritage of mustard. This is why I used the font 1470 Sorbonne as main font. Also, I improved the kerning and some other details within the font design. For the main copy, I went with the font Alegreya.

The secondary style element of the Little Luxury brand design (the tittle/drop) is laid upon the whole label in a light shade of grey in order to create an elegant structure. Some ingredients are randomly laid upon the label as vector graphics, so the design does not look too stiff and rigid.


There are three Little Luxury BBQ sauces: for beef/pork, for poultry and for fish.

The main font is Sahara as it gives the design a great vintage look that transports a rough and original spirit. Despite that, Sahara still appears elegant and dominant at the same time. For the main copy, I chose the font American Typewriter as it perfectly reflects the Rough and the Original (typewriter). Moreover, American Typewriter offers very good readability.

As BBQs became very big in North and most of all South Carolina (USA), I laid the map of the two "Carolinas" behind the BBQ font. The secondary style element of the Little Luxury brand design (the tittle/drop) serves as fill mode for the map in order not to take away the BBQ font’s dominance.

A further detail of this packaging design is the star left of the ingredient list. This star was taken from the flag of North Carolina. The round symbol on the bottleneck is from the crest of South Carolina.

I laid the secondary style element of the Little Luxury brand design (the tittle/drop) over the whole label in a light creme colour, in order to create an elegant structure. Some ingredients are randomly laid upon the label as vector graphics, so again the design does not look too stiff and rigid.




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