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randall media factory brand design corporate design

Randall Media Factory (London, UK and Innsbruck, Austria) offers high-quality multimedia services and is split into two business units. Randall Records, established in 2010, is a record label in the electronic dance music scene and deals with music and audio productions as well as DJ performances. Randall Films, established in 2015, stands for high-class film productions. In 2012 I created a brand design concept for Randall Records. Implementing that was so successful, that the profit from live shows for the record label’s main act C Randall was eight times as high by 2014. Based on the Randall Records brand design, I developed a holistic visual brand design also for Randall Films and the Randall Media Factory as a whole – including web design (programming by Ashley Wiggins). Integrating the brand design for Randall Films and Randall Media Factory, as well as improving Randall Records’ brand design a bit further, is expected to make this business stand out even more and increase its success to new heights.

randall crest
crest England
randall media factory brand design creative logo design

Based upon a thorough online research, the Randall family crest includes three lions. Also, the English crest shows lions. This is why a lion was included in the creative logo design.

randall films brand design creative logo design
randall records brand design creative logo design

The lion’s sharp angles and edges in the creative logo design transport the strength of the business and a feeling of faith and trustworthiness. The focus lies primarily on the word "Randall", so the font Code bold was used. For the words "Media Factory", I wanted less weight on the text, so I went for the Code light font. This allows a continuous company logo design for possible other ventures (i.e. Randall Films, Randall Records, Randall Events, Randall Merchandising etc.).

The Randall Media Factory's creative logo design serves as some sort of mother shape for both Randall Records and Randall Films.

The lines in the Randall Records company logo design symbolize vinyl records, which the lion is emerging from. The colour version of this creative logo design is a purple gradient, as purple stands for nightlife, magic, creativity and slightly reminds of dusk.

The film strip in the Randall Films company logo design perfectly represents the film production business. The colour version of this creative logo design is a blue gradient. Blue supports the corporate nature of Randall Films (clients are mostly business clients), stands for blue skies when filming outdoors, and gives a fresh touch to the straight lines of the logo shape. 

The tilted rectangles in the colour logos of the two business units add extra dynamics to the brand design and make it stand out more. Besides that, they remind of buttons to be clicked on a website. As Randall Media Factory deals with multimedia in the digital world, this is very suitable.

randall media factory brand design corporate design
randall films font
randall records typography

Besides the logo fonts Code bold and Code light, I chose the PT Sans and PT Sans Narrow font families. Both fonts are clear and straight and transport a modern business feel.

randall media factory brand design corporate design
randall media factory brand design corporate design

A tilted rectangle frame with a blue gradient (Randall Films) and purple gradient (Randall Records) subtly repeat the colour logos and are placed as an extension of the company logo design on the letterhead. The creative logo design's shape was implemented into the business card design to make them stand out even more and to increase the brand’s recognition.

randall media factory brand design webdesign

The parallax scrolling effect on the website is state of the art and combines great usability with a clean, structured and minimalistic design. Besides that, the website is mobile device friendly.

You can take a look at the brand design manual for this client project here.


"I originally requested a logo design but while we worked together on that I realised all the other services that HCG has to offer. I then decided to go for a brand new corporate design. I wasn't too familiar with a CD and didn't think I needed one. I was prepared to pay the extra for what has been a fantastic job by HCG. I'm overwhelmed with the outcome as my company has a lot of meaning and that is replicated in my new corporate design. HCG was very easy to work with, fun to work with and you could see the efforts that had gone into the job. To summarise, I wouldn't go anywhere else for my design work and I learnt so much, which helps me and my business progress even more than I could without HCG."


Ashley Wiggins, Randall Media Factory

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