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Prime Interior Designs: Professional Website Design on Editor X

In this blog article, we proudly showcase a professional website template we created for the Business Design Boutique on Editor X: a 100% responsive web experience including mobile website, presenting inspiring interior design solutions combined with timeless elegance.

website design editor x

Since the launch of Editor X a few years ago, we’ve been super-thrilled and excited about getting into this advanced website platform.

Thanks to Editor X’s innovative flexbox technology we could perfectly adjust every design detail of this website design on every breakpoint for different devices. No matter the screen size - providing information in bite-sized portions makes this website very user-friendly.

website design editor x

Take a look at this professional website template and enjoy the feeling of prime interior designs. Beautiful images are key to making a website look amazing and making your website visitors stay for longer. In addition to that, this beautiful website design features an innovative image revealing effect with salmon-pink coloured backgrounds, that we built from scratch in Editor X.

For this professional website template we used a set of elegant serif fonts for headers, the main copy and buttons. A serif font comes with tiny extensions at the top and bottom of letters as if they were sitting on an invisible line. Serif fonts transport a feeling of rootedness, traditional values, calmness and stability. Simply perfect for interior designs what this website is all about.

professional website template editor x

Naturally Urban - this is the idea behind one of the interior design projects on this professional website design. Living in a city does not necessarily mean a lack of plants. We find the minimalistic style of the main image in contrast with the opulent bathroom image very inspiring. How about getting some plants for your bathroom? We like that idea very much.

professional website template and mobile website editor x

What’s nicer than a beautiful hammock chair? Even more beautiful text boxes in your corporate colours responsively surrounding it. They are floating up and down as you scroll up and down on this website design. As you can see in the mobile phone version, the mobile layout looks slightly different and seamlessly adapts to any screen size.

Some people still underestimate the power of white space. Used smartly, white space is a great design tool to put the website visitor’s focus on where it matters most. For this professional website template we used white space to transport a feeling of window-shopping luxury and to put the focus on the CTA (call to action) button to discover more.

professional website template editor x

We make sure all our website designs work smoothly on desktop, tablet and phone. For better usability, we implemented a vertical side bar menu to create a more elegant look and feel to go nicely with the overall feel of premium interior design solutions.

mobile website template editor x

Speaking of responsiveness and mobile devices: Have you ever been on a mobile website on your phone trying to fill out a form? Yes, contact forms on a mobile website are a big pain point.

This is why we make sure contact forms on every mobile website are big enough so your visitors can navigate, read and type with ease. This results in more contact form submissions.

If you'd like to make this website yours, simply head over to the shop in the Business Design Boutique and purchase your favourite design.


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