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There are company logo designers who create logos in Photoshop. Their clients are experiencing big issues with these logos, not only in the long run but in between too. Creating a logo with the right software helps - simply use vector software (i.e. Adobe Illustrator).




Photoshop is based on pixels and the output is an ordinary picture file. If you have ever enlarged a picture file, you will have noticed that it pixelates and looks terrible. This is why a company logo design created in Photoshop will cause a massive quality loss when scaling.












created with Photoshop                            












created with Illustrator


Amending a company logo design created in Photoshop (i.e. changing the colour of the logo font) requires extensive work from pixel to pixel. A clean and efficient change of a company logo design is hardly possible with Photoshop.






























colour change of a logo in Photoshop (not 100 % clean)


Exporting a Photoshop logo as a jpg file automatically generates a white background within the company logo design. This does occur with a jpg export from Adobe Illustrator too, but placing a vector logo file on a colour background is not only free from pixelations, it is also free from the annoying white background. Here you can see an example:


















placing a jpg logo (created in Photoshop)


















placing a vector logo (created in Illustrator)


As vector applications are normally used by professional designers only, company logo design files have to be sent to the client as a jpg or a png file, as well as the the vector files (*.eps or *.ai). Otherwise, the client does not have the possibility to see the company logo design.

coca-cola pixel logo
coca-cola illustrator logo
coca-cola pixel logo
coca-cola pixel logo
microsoft logo photoshop
microsoft logo illustrator

A handy audio version of this topic can be found in this podcast:

You can also download this topic as a free whitepaper.

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