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Imagine you receive a flyer. Do you read through it? Probably not. Why? Because you are flooded with too much information every day - advertisements, calls, emails, reminders, WhatsApp messages etc. We all are exposed to a constant overload of information. This drastically shortens our attention span and has become a big problem for everybody in the advertising industry. And by the way: every business is promoting its products and services somehow - may it be only here and there or on a regular basis; online and/or offline.

This is where data visualizations and infographics come in handy. Infographics transport a message in a way that the message pops out of the mass and is 30 times more likely to be read than plain text - in print and online. The gif-animated version of an infographic (also called "gifographic") is even more standing out in the world wide web. Every data visualization is a fantastic eyecatcher for flyers or other promotional materials, your website, landing pages, social media, content marketing and online marketing.

30 x

Infographics are 30 x more likely to be read than plain text.

Source:, HubSpot

94 %

Visual content generates 94 % more visibility.

Source: Buffer, HubSpot

80 %

We remember 80 % of what we see; 20 % of what we read; and 10 % of what we hear.

Source: Buffer, HubSpot


Visual content belongs to the five most effective B2B marketing methods.

Source: HubSpot

Besides custom-made data visualization projects and infographics that are complex and unique, I also create light infographics as a more affordable alternative. I work with templates I designed myself and include your data into it.

Infografik Design kaufen

perfectly matches your brand design (colours, fonts)

static image or gif-animated

including conception and art direction

2 correction rounds are included

Infografik kaufen



30 times more chance for your content to be read.



More affordable than complex, custom-made infographics.



Different infographic templates and gifographic sizes for every budget.


More impact when printed. More interactions and higher click rates online.


Fast creation and delivery of the design within a few days.



Starting from € 645.- and fully depreciable (you will receive an invoice).



You send me your data (facts, figures, numbers, text) and corporate assets (your corporate colours, font files, your logo).

I choose the template which is best suited for your infographic light and briefly discuss it with you.

Creation and delivery of your infographic light within a few days.





You send me your data (facts, figures, numbers, text) and corporate assets (your corporate colours, font files, your logo).

I scribble a sketch on paper and briefly discuss it with you in terms of structure and layout. Your approval is required.

After you approve the sketch/concept, I create the gifographic and email it to you.




"As always, great work!"


Raimondo Lana
Saarland, Germany

"Your work has really wowed us."


Andrea Großöhme, FLGN TLT, German eTrade GmbH
Dresden, Germany

"The infographic on merchandising products is really great. We wanted to transport this topic in an easy and uncomplicated way. We, and most importantly our clients, think that HCG has executed this wonderfully. Our clients shall instantly think of merchandising products as a cheap and effective advertisement method when reading this infographic. Working with HCG was uncomplicated and professional, the design was in the best hands."


Andreas Kleine, Kleine & Jockers GmbH

Hamburg, Germany

"5 stars - Helene did a FANTASTIC job! She is very creative and completed the project quickly with minor changes. I will hire Helene again. Thanks, Helene!"


Angela Williams, DetailXPerts
Detroit, USA

Infografik light jetztkaufen

What do you prefer: something static or animated?

You prefer custom-made data visualization? No problem! Simply drop me a message.

All shown prices are net without VAT. This web shop is for B2B customers only. Prices do not include consultation services in the client's office. Communication via phone, email or skype.

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