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flgn tlt magazine layout design
flgn tlt magazine layout design
flgn tlt magazine layout design
flgn tlt magazine layout design

FLGN TLT is a strong brand combining the special interest segments of automobile and fashion and celebrating the "lowlicious lifestyle" of the international car tuning community. As a very well established label in Europe and the USA, FLGN TLT stands for fashion and accessories of the highest quality with regards to materials and processing, love of liberty and lust for life. The brand is elegant but edgy and rebellious at the same time. In order to strengthen FLGN TLT even more, the new FLGN TLT goodlife magazine for men has been launched in spring 2015. I created the magazine layout design (incl. colours and typography) for the 100 pages magazine and am responsible for the ongoing magazine layout.

Every story starts with a big photo, half-page or full-page on the print sheet, followed by the text. The "TLT" of FLGN TLT ("FeLGeNouTLeT") is pronounced "tilt" in English. This has been taken into consideration as regards the big photo at the start of the story: The picture is cut atilt at the top and the bottom, which creates an interesting, edgy effect in the magazine layout design.

All other photos in the article are not cut atilt, but placed in rectangles and thus remind of modern social media posts (i.e. Instagram). This guarantees that the importance of the big starting photo is not taken away by the other pictures.   The pictures on all editorial pages are placed within the type area. This allows the reader to easily orientate himself as page numbers, categories etc. remain visible.

flgn tlt magazine layout design

The main copy in the magazine layout design starts underneath the big starting picture and continues aligned towards the force line (48.5 mm) on the following pages. This force line supports a pleasant white space in the top area of the page which has a positive influence on the reading flow.

flgntlt editorial design
flgn tlt magazine layout design
flgn tlt magazine layout design

The end of the main copy in the magazine layout design is marked with the star of the FLGN TLT logo. The 12 column grid allows a flexible design for text-heavy articles (3 columns) and articles with not much text (2 columns).

Pictures in advertisements for FLGN TLT or JP Performance are bled-off towards the left and right. As all products shall be equally promoted, all photos are cut atilt. Besides that, the font in FLGN TLT and JP Performance advertisements is much bigger than on editorial pages. A further distinction is the text being centred. Another font size, the text being centred and bled-off photos create a visual differentiation from the editorial pages so that the reader subconsciously distinguishes and pays even more attention to the adverts.

car magazine typography museo slab
car magazine typography graduate
car magazine typography octin sports
car magazine typography octin vintage
flgn tlt green button design
flgn tlt grey button design
flgn tlt blue button design
flgn tlt red button design

For this magazine layout design, I created a semantic matrix after Beinert to guarantee a correct and consistent usage of typographic elements throughout the entire publication.

Museo Slab is used for the main copy in this magazine layout design. This serif font is very modern and combines a beautiful, light grey tone with a well-spaced counter, what supports a pleasant reading flow. At the same time, Museo Slab comes with clear, straight lines that transport a technical coolness that goes very well with the magazine’s car theme.

The font Graduate is used for information like page number, category and issue number/month. This font reminds of American sport teams which is why it’s perfectly suitable for FLGN TLT.

Main headers are in Octin Sports that belongs to the group of Egyptienne fonts due to its thick serifs. This font has a high grey tone as well as a very strong character that perfectly transports the edgy and rebellious feel of the magazine. Just like Graduate, Octin Sports reminds of American sport teams too and is ideal for the car tuning theme.

Octin Vintage is used for sub-headers and transports an interesting vintage effect that goes well with the fashion products of FLGN TLT as they show some vintage elements too.

Red is used for FLGN TLT advertisements.  Blue is used for JP Performance advertisements.  Green is used for PR articles and other shopping recommendations that have nothing to do with FLGN TLT or JP Performance. Anthracite is used for all other editorial articles – like emphasized quotes in this case.

flgn tlt magazine client feedback

"Your work has really very wowed us."


Andrea Großöhme, / FLGN TLT / German eTrade GmbH

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