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transport magazine design relaunch

Blickpunkt LKW + BUS (Kufstein, Austria) is Austria’s no. 1 transport magazine with the highest circulation (proved by ÖAK), an equivalent app for tablets and smartphones as well as a Youtube channel with millions of organic clicks. This makes the publishing house the market leader in Austria.

In 2010 I took over the magazine layout design from an advertising agency, which resulted in a production time reduction of nine days and a 90 % less correction quota per issue in the course of creating the magazine – a great time saving at no extra cost.

digital publishing

At the end of 2011, the publishing house decided to also offer a digital version of the magazine as an interactive and multimedia app. In spring 2020, the app was again re-designed and shifted towards an article-based structure – for an even more enjoyable reading experience and further advertising possibilities. So far, the app counts nearly 13,000 unique downloads and has top ratings in the app stores. Find more details about it here.

“1 medium – 4 channels” is the motto of Blickpunkt LKW & BUS. This covers the printed magazine, the digital app (INTERNER LINK), the Youtube channel as well as the blog on the website. All communication channels are actively fed with information on a regular basis. 

“The cross-media approach strengthens the brand’s presence and has resulted in a rise of 21 % in terms of advertising revenue since launching the app.”


CEO Blickpunkt LKW & BUS

digital publishing

By the way: In 2015, the publishing house celebrated their 30th anniversary. This was accompanied by a series of 8 infographics I designed.

In autumn 2017, I modernized the visual appearance of all communication channels the publishing house offers, created a new logo design as well as a modern layout for the print and app magazine. Additionally, I re-designed the website and launched the blog.

old magazine logo

The old logo.

logo design relaunch

The new company logo design in flat design style on white and blue.

magazine logo
logo design relaunch
letterhead business card design
magazine layout
magazine layout
magazine layout
magazine layout
magazine layout
magazine layout

One of the most important client requirements was to place as much content as possible (mainly text) on as little space as possible. This turned out to be the biggest challenge in the course of the magazine layout design relaunch as I intended to work with generous white spaces. During a thorough research, Marbach turned out to be the perfect font for the main copy. For headers I chose the distinctive Akko Pro font.

marbach font
akko pro font

You can find out detailed information about the font research for this project in this blog post.

Many details optimize the reading flow and allow for a pleasant and modern look. The navigation in the magazine layout design was improved with clear page titles and subtle arrows at the end of printed sheets if the article continues on the next page.

arrow magazine navigation
end mark of an article

Distinctive symbols at the end of articles are derived from the K majuscule of the new logo (LKW) and serve as a beautiful divider between the main copy and the author.

Colour-wise, the new layout is simple (black and white) so that photos stand out more and don’t compete with other design elements.

Large articles have a big main photo and a centred white text box for the header that partly lies above the main photo. A thin line in one of the colours of the main photo is placed across the whole page or printed sheet, the white text for the header kind of pushes the coloured line up. This was inspired by engine pistons that also go up and down. This introduces more dynamics into the layout, thus stays in harmony with the article.

layout magazine coloured line
layout transport magazine

The new website was overworked visually as well as content-wise. The new concept was created together with the client and includes several blog feeds for different categories. The blog will be updated several times per week to serve the readers’ needs and provide them with latest news of the transport sector. An important requirement was to enable the client to write and publish blog posts themselves, this was accomplished by using WIX.

In order to benefit from the full potential of digitization, I designed an online shop for magazine issues from the archive, to be bought either as a printed copy or as a convenient PDF download. Additionally, I implemented digital, paper and combined subscription options, which can be purchased directly on the website and are automatically billed every year.

Just 24 hours after the implementation, the first purchases were made in the shop and a few days later the first digital subscriptions were bought on the website. This is a clear signal for successful digitization in the publishing industry.

web design
web design online shop
responsive web design for a publisher

"As the market leader we have to meet our target groups’ high expectations. HCG corporate designs perfectly accomplished that with her consultation, her concept and designs."

Editor in chief Blickpunkt LKW+BUS

Kufstein, Austria

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