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app magazine design

Blickpunkt LKW+BUS (Kufstein, Austria) is Austria’s largest special interest magazine for the transport industry. I’ve been responsible for the ongoing layouting since 2010. In autumn 2017, I modernized the entire look and feel of the publishing house – from the logo to the magazine layout to the website including blog.

In addition to the print magazine, an app magazine for iOS tablets and phones was launched in the end of 2011. Since 2015, Android devices are supported, too. After only four years the app counted nearly 10,000 unique downloads, by now the unique downloads have almost reached the 13,000 benchmark (12,899 unique app downloads as per 5 May 2020; sources: Apple App Store, Google Play Store).

app magazine design transport industry
app magazine design transport industry
app magazine design transport industry
app magazine design transport industry

In spring 2020 the app was completely restructured and shifted towards an article-based approach in order to comply with the latest market standards. Besides reading full magazine issues, users can now also read single articles separately on demand, which are smartly grouped by manufacturers and topics.

Downloading single articles separately instead of full magazine issues leads to a much smaller storage capacity on the users’ mobile devices. Besides that, the users can determine themselves which articles they wish to read online and which articles they prefer to read in offline mode (for example on a plane).

app magazine design

"The app is very neat and easy to use. I like the fact that you can browse through previous issues. I also like the breakdown into different sections because I can find specific interesting articles more easily. For me personally, you made a good job on the app!"

Carmen Haderer
Iveco Austria, Head of Marketing

"I find the app great and currently - due to Corona - have enough time to really engage with it - a good time for the app as my print edition of Blickpunkt LKW & BUS lies on my office desk, all alone."

Mag.(FH) Ulrike Kobler
Mercedes-Benz Trucks Austria, Press & Services Communication

app magazine design
app magazine design

In addition to that, the app offers further possibilities for monetization for the publishing house. The flexible and modular app surface allows for a flexible and modular placement of advertising banners that lead to the advertiser’s website when tapping. When closing the internet browser, the app user is back in the app. This makes sure the readers do not leave the app by accident.

Readers simply love the app which is reflected by top ratings in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app is perceived as very reader-friendly, intuitive to use and always up to date.

“1 medium – 4 channels” is the motto of Blickpunkt LKW & BUS. This covers the printed magazine, the digital app, the Youtube channel as well as the blog on the website. All communication channels are actively fed with information on a regular basis.

“The cross-media approach strengthens the brand’s presence and has resulted in a rise of 21 % in advertising revenue since launching the app.”

CEO Blickpunkt LKW+BUS

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