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Logos are unique symbols that allow people to recognise companies and their values. It is about familiarity and trust. A good company logo design is subconsciously linked to a certain company in an instant.




A good company logo design speaks to the feelings of a pre-defined target group. The soft drink brand Fanta for example is young, vibrant, fun, a bit hippie-style, just like the people they advertise to. And the company logo design looks just like that. On the other hand, a high-priced premium orange juice targets a completely different audience, and therefore has to transport a completely different look and feel.




A good company logo design can be shifted onto the next level – the brand design or corporate identity design. You often speak of secondary style elements here. Below you see an example: It shows a screenshot of my website, on the top left you see the HCG corporate designs logo. The vertical line of the company logo design can als be found, in white, in the card designs further down. The vertical line to the left of the text is the secondary style element in this case and originates from the company logo design.












A good company logo design should not simply follow the latest trend, but still look good in five to ten years. Of course there can be adaptions of the corporate identity design here and there, like what happened a lot in the past three to five years. Many company logo designs changed because of the flat design trend that Windows 8 introduced. Logos of Thyssen Krupp, Google, Facebook, Ebay etc. were amended . But the overall look and feel of the logo should be timeless from the start.




A great company logo design is a symbol that stands for a company and its values. It doesn’t have to be the full company name or complex clutter, we don’t want to see that. The best company logo designs are those who are simple and clean, without clutter. Because: It’s mostly the simple logos that stay in people’s minds. So keep it simple, less is definitely more here.




A good and creative logo design must work in different sizes. I always define a minimum size too. When a creative logo design is i.e. only 1 cm big, it still has to be readable. This means that you should not cram too much text in the logo because nobody can read that when it’s used in a small size. On the other hand, the company logo design of course also has to work well in a big size, like on a poster.


A tip from my side: Always create a company logo design in a vector program, I use Adobe Illustrator. Don’t create logos in pixel-based programs! This guarantees an unlimited scalability of the logo without any quality loss.




A great company logo design definitely must also work in black and white, not using any colour. This is very important. When I design a logo, I create it in black and white first and when it’s almost finished, I add colours.




A good, creative logo design works online and offline. Especially nowadays it is very important that creative logo designs look great on small smart phone displays as well as big computer screens, but of course also offline on various materials.

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"You want to know how I create a corporate identity design? The FH St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences interviewed me. You can read the full interview here."

Helene Clara Gamper

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