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# 1 "What do you like best about your job?"


That I work in a wide variety of industries. This diversity definitely enriches my life - as an entrepreneur and as a private person alike.

What I particularly like is the creative, inventive thought. This creativity, bringing something new into being, this "making something big out of a small idea" that everyone can see - I like that. And my clients can make their dreams come true and earn good money with their businesses - that's a wonderful feeling.


# 2 "What does your daily routine look like?"


That depends on where I work. Normally, I work in my home office in Innsbruck in Tyrol. I get up at 6:30 am, do a little morning meditation, get ready, have breakfast and go to the office, which fortunately is only three meters away. Most of the time I start with the main project of the day and start a "deep work session" - that means: several hours of focused work in one go. But sometimes I'm weak and open my e-mails or social media before I start working on the day's main project. Then I get angry with myself because it's not really productive. But in general, I do start with the most important project of the day.

At lunchtime I check my e-mails and make some calls if something has come in and eat lunch. I always try to keep my lunch break as short as possible so that I can stay in my productivity flow.


In the afternoon I continue working, designing for clients, answering client enquiries and being in contact with my team - depending on what's going on that day. On Mondays and Wednesdays I'm available for meetings and sometimes have four or five meetings in a row.

In the early evening I drive to the gym, to the hot yoga studio or to a dance class. Sports is a set time point of the day for me, it has a positive effect on my productivity.

Most of the time I do about one and a half to two hours of sports at a time, five times a week. After the gym I drive home, eat a salad and relax a bit. By then it's usually 9 or 10 p.m., or even later, and it's time to go to bed.

If I work abroad (e.g. in Tel Aviv or in Crete), my work routine is basically the same. Only the sports program may take place at a different time - depending on the temperature and whether I have access to a gym or not. 


#3 "What are three must-haves for a successful business?"

  1. the most important thing: a great product

  2. the understanding of customers

  3. a first-class branding to make both visible to the outside world


#4 “How do you explain 'branding' in two sentences?"


Think of a brand like a human body. The logo is the heart. And the branding brings the entire body together to what it is and ensures that all components work together perfectly. The sum of all individual parts results in the unique person - or a unique branding. That's the best way I would describe branding.


#5 "What is the most important step in the branding process?"

Clearly the briefing. In the briefing, I ask my client maaaany questions and want to know every little detail about the brand-to-be - I sometimes feel like a psychologist. I just have to understand the heart brand-to-be so I can make it visible in the branding.


#6 "What are your private passions?"

Definitely sports, I'm an absolute gym junkie. I like to do different group courses, HIIT, Breakletics, BBP, Zumba - everything that involves a lot of sweat and a lot of power. I also love to dance and listen to music. And travelling is one of my great passions. Diving into foreign cultures is simply wonderful, you see many things from a different perspective. You learn a lot while traveling and it broadens your horizon, I like that. Another hobby that comes to mind is taking a sauna. I've been going to the sauna regularly since I was six years old - my parents have a sauna area at home, so I grew up with that. Of course I also jump into the ice-cold water afterwards!


# 7 "What is your favourite item of the HCG office collection?"


The stainless steel tumbler with metal straw in red. I use it every day for my hot ginger water - it stays warm all day. And it's super stylish, too.

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