Let's celebrate! Here you see milestones and interesting facts from 2010 to 2019.

HCG corporate designs

turns 10 years


Here I am!

HCG corporate designs is born. By the way, HCG stands for the initials of Helene Clara Gamper. Back then, I started with the desktop publishing of a magazine and corporate designs. This is how I made my first slow steps into self-employment.


Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

In the course of the EU program "Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs", I moved to London for four months and lived in East Finchley, the direct neighbourhood of the late George Michael. Besides my business contact in England, I continued to work for my clients back home in Austria and Germany from my London office.



"Infographics are huge. A data visualization is when you get data and you present it in a more user-friendly way."


Neil Patel

From the very start I was thrilled by data visualizations and infographics, a trend coming from the USA. And somehow I had the feeling that they might have a bright future in Europe too. This topic just stayed on my agenda. (It wasn't until years later that my gut feeling should be confirmed.) I learned various techniques and thoroughly worked myself into the world of data visualization. As a child, maths was one of my favourite subjects, which turned out to be quite handy here. I decided to take on data visualization and infographic design into my portfolio of design services.


App magazine design

The publishing industry had been struggling with decreasing subscriber numbers and - most of all - decreasing advertising and PR revenue streams for a while. In addition to that, the iPad got more and more popular and digitisation for publishing houses worldwide was speeding up. I learned how to design digital magazines in order to offer my clients an additional, digital service and to offer them an alternative to print. In the beginning, I worked with the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), but later I switched to the Belgian software solution Twixl Media (a wise switch, as it turned out). So I included app magazine design into my service portfolio.


Typo workshops

Further education is a huge priority with HCG corporate designs. This is why I attended two full-day workshops with Berlin based typography expert Wolfgang Beinert (founder of the Typolexikon) in 2012 and 2014, as well as an intense 3-day workshop for creating fonts with the Typejockeys from Vienna.


Web design in-house

After collaborating with external IT agencies as well as working with the CM systems Joomla, Typo3 and Wordpress, I decided to shift all web design related projects from external developers to in-house. From 2015 onwards, I have been creating websites in-house with one of the world's leading CMS providers (WIX).


init_cd quality seal

After several successfully implemented brand design projects, the initiative corporate design (init_cd), an ExpertsCluster of designaustria, rewarded me with their official quality seal "Qualitätsstandards Corporate Designs" (quality standards corporate designs). I officially commit myself to develop brand designs in adherence with specific quality standards.


Infographic workshop

I completed an intense 3-day workshop on infographics, big data visualization and visual storytelling with Marina Bräm, head of the infographic department of the Swiss Tamedia Group. I could further deepen my existing knowledge on how to best visualize data.


Online shop

The online shop of HCG corporate designs and my price configurator for corporate designs went online. Hour packages as well as small, standardised services could be purchased or ordered online now. So much innovation was rewarded by a report of the local chamber of commerce in which they called me a "Tellerrandguckerin" (a person to think outside the box).



The magazine gut gestalten interviewed me and asked me some interesting questions on brand design and corporate identity design.



HCG corporate designs turns 10 years!

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